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Window visor difference

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So im trying to buy some window visors but i wanna know if anyone knows the difference between in-channel kits and the tape on ones? both seem the same but yeah just wanna know which one is better, wanna buy myne asap. thanks
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read some stuff here
Vent Shade
yoo goodlooks with that link ^, helped ALOT one link lead to another which led to another and now im looking at so many different ones lol hope to decide on one soon, thanks
sounds good to me, i like the seamless ones, not a big fan of the in-channel ones.. tape-ons just look so much better to me
dam that looks so clean, where did you buy yours from? @samcarroll
word, ive been watching 3 different ones on ebay just not sure which one to buy =x
i love these visors. The only thing i can say negative is the ocassional time where the window hits them when rolling up fast. Otherwise, i love them.
haha nice, i cant find any seamless ones on ebay though, only the jdm style ones. but i will keep looking, and hey i think its time you update the pic in your signature haha
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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