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Discontinued, but...

I had been thinking about this turbo kit for awhile, and on a trip to Cali, just swung by World Racing to talk to someone about it. Mike Alejos told me that they had recently switched sponsors, so they wouldn't be building anymore of the kits, but just sell the ones that were already produced. At that time, he only had 3 on the shelf.

I waited a few weeks and pulled the trigger on purchasing one because I didn't want to miss out. Had to way a few more months to have time to do the install while I was on vacation and could get the car from Vegas to LA and give them time to do it. Flew back to LA to pick it up and I was immediately in love!! It was making just shy of 200 hp still on 87 octane...

You should call them to make sure they don't have one still on the shelf...

I'm about to get a servo controlled valve put in along with a sensor so that I can use different tuning maps depending on how much boost I want. Probably the only thing I would have done differently was get more done all at the same time. I'm also exploring options on stronger auto transmissions to hold up to the power.
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