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WTB: 2011 Stock Seats

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Looking for the seat covers/seats for the 2011 XB.

Crossing my fingers that maybe someone with a Release Edition got rid of their seats, since I love the black-blue seat theme. If not, I'll take the regular 2011 black seats.

I am on the verge of buying this 2010, and asked the dealer if he could order the 2011 seats for me, but he said Scion was asking 5,000 for the seats. Well they wanted to sell the whole thing (not just the covers but the seats themselves).

I'm going to go by some junkyards later and see if I get lucky and find one, but I'm trying everything. :D
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The whole seat is new for the 2011's, so if I'm not mistaken, just doing the seat cover will not work on a 2010. :(

Anyone else have something to back that up?
yup , I have a 2011 and I dont have an Rs model and my seats are black n' blue.

I think the OP will have to change the seats or just add some seats cover on
you have blk and blue seats and dont have an RS, how is that possible?
Canada Edition buddy
I'll post a few pics this week sorry for the late answer

I'll check if they have air bags in them too really thought about putting racing seats in tho lolll

@ JRINCON17: why sayin is it still a Xb ??
every car model that usa and Canada have also gets the same name ;)
I can't think of any that would be named an other name .... If you do Pm me :p

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