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WTB: Factory xB grill

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Yeah thats right. For those of you that have replaced your factory gril I would like to purchase them. I probably only need one for what I have in mind but I want a second one in case I screw up working on the first one. Post up and let me know what you want for it.
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Its going to be kinda hard, cuz most of the grills Ive seen for the xB2 are overlays that either clip or bolt on to the stock grill. You would probably be better off buying one at dealer for about $70. I think nyte_ryder was looking for one in all other forums and coudlnt find one.
Too bad you didn't ask last week - there was this one on eBay. I searched again & didn't find anything...

My grillcraft grilles aren't overlays (except for the side vents)... I had to cut the top grille apart & use the top part as a frame/support, so I don't have my top one to offer you. Only the bottom grille was removed intact.
I am getting ready to put on my new grill (just arrived) I have the upper grill intact (well Il let you know once I take it off) and the lower grill is not so good, I broke it completely from the bottom where it attaches to the car (hence the reason i am getting a new grill)
Send me an e-mail
[email protected] and I am in WA state, I am sure we can work out a deal for ya.

God bless
Hi there, I have a stock upper grill I sitting around I would be happy to part with. Shoot me an email and let's chat.



robeastwik AT gmail DOT com
Thanks guys but I have decided to go another direction.
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