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wtb front bumper vents

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Anybody have any of the bumper inserts or know were I can get
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Which nose and which, specific inserts (side, grill, other)?
I think he means the front vertical "cheek" (fake) vents near the "corners" of the front bumper. Judging from his avatar, he'd want the narrow cheek "vents" for the 2008-2010 nose.

The 2011-present cheek "vents" are wider and have a different shape.
That's right mine is 2010 sorry about that
All good. "WTB Bumper Vents" is the best clue. I figured it out, but tried to encourage clarity- esp. as not everybody reads things with details.

What looking for:
08-10 bumper side vent inserts (the black plastic things).

Are you interested in the
OEM ones (black plastic blanks),
TRD intake, opened, one (driver/left side only),
one of the "aftermarket" slat covers ( CNC Side Scoop Grilles 2 pcs at Sparks Toyota-Scion, Myrtle Beach, SC )-basically a metal plate with a black back and polished "slats",
or the lighted ones (like Oznium makes/made)?
I have the ones you are looking for. They came out of my '09 which I replaced with Oznium LED's. I'm thinking $ 30 for the pair. PM me if you are interested and for your address so I can mail them to you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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