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WTB: iPod cable

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I can't believe I'm doing this... I swore I'd never by an iPod.

Well, technically, I didn't.. I won one in a Chinese Auction fundraiser at my daughter's school a few weekends ago. Thing's about as big as a half-dollar.

I sold mine (iPod connector cable) 4 years ago for the price of shipping. I know a lot of you must have that cable lying around, seeing as how many of you change out your factory stereos for something better. So how's about cutting a guy some slack? I'll pay for shipping like I asked for 4 years ago.

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I have one. I'll find it, should be in my old parts box in my shed.
its got the ipod connector on one end and that weird pin based connector on the other
will look for it this weekend. text me to remind me if you can: 413-949-0647
I have yet to find mine, I know I have it though I just haven't found the right box o' crap that I stuffed it in.

I plan on emptying my shed sometime soon and will be throwing out a lot of useless junk and hopefully will find it then.
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