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WTB: iPod cable

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I can't believe I'm doing this... I swore I'd never by an iPod.

Well, technically, I didn't.. I won one in a Chinese Auction fundraiser at my daughter's school a few weekends ago. Thing's about as big as a half-dollar.

I sold mine (iPod connector cable) 4 years ago for the price of shipping. I know a lot of you must have that cable lying around, seeing as how many of you change out your factory stereos for something better. So how's about cutting a guy some slack? I'll pay for shipping like I asked for 4 years ago.

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which cable exactly??? The cable with Male connctions on both ends??
i have the one from Scion... never used it.... i used the USB direct connect.
i have a 2011 xb
I thought someone had... PM me
Sorry I just looked up the part number... I don't have that cable. Sorry good luck.
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