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WTB: iPod cable

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I can't believe I'm doing this... I swore I'd never by an iPod.

Well, technically, I didn't.. I won one in a Chinese Auction fundraiser at my daughter's school a few weekends ago. Thing's about as big as a half-dollar.

I sold mine (iPod connector cable) 4 years ago for the price of shipping. I know a lot of you must have that cable lying around, seeing as how many of you change out your factory stereos for something better. So how's about cutting a guy some slack? I'll pay for shipping like I asked for 4 years ago.

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Ok, i have an 08 xB, it's the original cable that came with the car, plugs into the port on the center console, next to the AUX port. Other end connects to the iPod. I forget exactly what it's supposed to look like..

I think it's this one: pt546-21062
its got the ipod connector on one end and that weird pin based connector on the other
I think that's the one. I looked at the connection point in the car today, and it appears to be a multipoint connection type. It's not a 1/8 inch jack like the AUX port.

PM me with the details on cost for shipping.

OK, this is the iPod I have. Will this cable (pt546-21062 ) even work with it?
6th generation Nano.

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I am truly amazed.

175 views, and no-one wants to help me out here?

I thought this was a pretty great site, and have seen many people helped out here.

I don't want to get burned, just to get back what I gave.

And does anyone know if it'll work with 6th gen iPod Nano?

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Meh, probably a moot point now. The AUX cable works, at least.

What changed in 2011 that the cables are not the same?

What I really need and would appreciate knowing if that cable would even work with a 6th generation iPod Nano.

I feel your pain, phobic. My 8x10 workroom is now in my bike shed, filling up one whole side. We're in the midst of a remodeling project. I went through a lot of boxes of stuff. And filled a few bags with trash. I saw my xB's rear windshield wiper I removed a few years ago, but it got re-lost in the pile. I think I saw the front license plate bracket, too. We don't need one in PA.
Got it! Thank you very much! Closing this thread.
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