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WTB: NF210 springs

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anyone know of a person/web site to buy a new set of NF210 for cheap. and does anyone have recommendations to what shocks work well with the springs?

i've seen but are there any others?
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I just put the Tanabe NF210's on my car and I am sooooo loving them. I ordered them online from -

I priced them everywhere, even local shops, and this was the best deal. I didn't change anything else. Shocks are the same. I can post a picture later, if you want to see, but it lowered that fender gap to about one inch with the stock 16" wheels.
Well, that's a little late for me...oh, well. I didn't know about the discount, but I am truly loving these Tanabe springs.

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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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