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I was looking up info on woodies and found alot of neat info. I focused on the "shoebox" woodies, largely thanks to the shape being a good base for a GOOD xB2 woody set up.
I have some REALLY good and precise ideas to make an xB2 woody based on the set-up on the 49-52 Ford and Mercury versions, but I'm not doing it. If someone has a Stingray, Teal, BBC, Crimson, or Army Rock xB and are interested in working with me to make it into a woody, let me know. Seriously, PM me!

Anyways, I found a very interesting factoid . . .
I compared the sizes of the xB2 and the 49 Ford and found this:
--xB-> 69.3"
--49-> 72.8
(xB is only 3.5" narrower- and the 49 has large rounded sides.)

xB- 63"
-- 63"

--xB- 167.3"
--49- 196.8"
(xB less than 2.5 feet shorter. That's all.)

-- xB-> 102.4"
-- 49-> 114"
(xB is only 11.5 inches less)

And about the same weight (3,100 pounds-ish). Our is heavy thanks to all the dense understructure and electronic equipment (modern technology and safety), while the 49 was heavy frame, heavy body, and lots of air.

I was amazed at just how close they were in actual size, like the xB is a "bobbed" 49. I thought the 49 was a much larger car . . .
I guess my impression was it was more on scale with the massive boats of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
Now, I know what the songs about the "little" 49 Fords" and those of the 40s (about the same size as the 49-> same base w/ new body and new suspension) were talking about.

That reminds me . . .
Anyone who want to make a "moonshine runner" xB, let me know. I have an idea for that too.

Royal Floor Sweeper
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For those who don't know . . .
THIS is a 1949 Ford:

Here is the Woody version:


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If you look at the door handles,the '49 has pull levers and the '50 and up have push button handles which would get stuck after a while and have to be lubed.
Looks like a neet mod.
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