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boblamb58 said:
AnimalBoy said:
i got on the bus at 1145am and got to my car at 2pm!!! the bus stayed at the hotel most of the time cuz it would of been pointless to go for the cars and wait there. I was told that the computers crashed and had to re-boot everything. that's why it took a while.
Boy, that would have sucked big time. The heat probably fried a generator. eviljack and I got lucky.. we managed to get onto the first bus and were on the road by about 11. With 37 hours of driving, we needed every minute we could get at the get-go.

The TRD tip looks like a very easy install, BTW.
The TRD tip was DH had it installed in a couple of minutes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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