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xB tour video from youtube

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here is a video i saw on youtube of guy giving a tour of his new Super White xB:

a few of his numbers are a little high, but he definitely loves his Super White, same as me!! :rockon:

Thank you Robero!
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Re: xB video from youtube

Dude, 2 doors...on both sides? I didn't even realize that on my car. Awesome!

Re: xB video from youtube

clapping: ahhhhhh that dudes accent is awesome. i want to meet him and just listen to him talk all day long.
awesome video!! haha...
WTF? Roberto needs to get his facts straight, 240 horsepower?
:cheers: :clapping: Outstanding! Can't blame Roberto for being proud of his Super White and perhaps with the "additives" ;) he uses it seems like 240 HP. If it wasn't for the accent, I'd think he was related to Spicoli at Ridgemont.

I'll have to go out and check the other side of my SW to see if there are 2 more doors around there?????
i was amazed, I had 2 doors on the other side and one on the back. I'm gonna call my dealer. I want that 240 HP engine, Once i get that installed, I'll add the supercharger, then I'll be at almost 300 HP, watch out Mustangs... :yes: :yes: :yes: :naughty:
Dang, a SKATEBOARD will fit in there? Now that's what I call roomy!!!!!!
Hmm.. skateboard, 2 doors, 240 horsepower, 300 watt stereo.. does the premium head unit really put out 300 watts?

I fit 5 lawn chairs, 2 folding captian's chairs, a small box, a t-shirt, sweatshirt and denim shirt, all behind the rear seat. I cold have squeezed a few more things in there, too. And I would definitely NOT recommend laying in back with the rear seats down. They seem rather flimsy, and a modereatly to heavy-weight person would bend the frame inside the seat.

I thought the xB's were made in Japan, but maybe I am wrong?
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