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I got my yakima from moosejaw then found my basket case and load warrior baskets on craigslist for dirt cheap.

spacer to get the rear flush should be 20mm depending on offset. My 18x7.5 +40 (maybe 48, cant remember) were flush with 20mm spacers.

for more power, adding a turbo is about the only way to get noticable gains. The best way to make it noisy is to add a short ram intake and an exhaust. I have the weapon R short ram and the tsudo dual exhaust and I love the tone, its brilliant. My buddy has a custom exhaust with a crazy extended tip that pops out the bumper and it also sounds awesome.

If you want to get crazy loud, add a resonator (scuba tank) delete. it will eliminate 1 cat and the resonator, which is that huge scuba tank lookin thing under the car along the exhaust.

the only issue with that is that it will be loud in the car too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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