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Other than that my wife thinks I'm a nerd, and I love this car more than I thought was possible. She might be jealous.

How can I get more power out of this thing?
Do the exhaust do anything but make it louder?
She sure is!! :biggrin:

Power : Real HP costs good $$
There's the Descendant Turbo that is practically bolt-on and does some good HPs

If you want to stay Normally Aspirated, I suggest Intake, Headers, S-Pipe and Exhaust. There's the UniChip that may help too, but I'm don't have enough knowledge on it to be affirmative.
I went with the K&N Short Ram and the Tsudo Dual Fireball exhaust, I love 'em! Headers ans S-Pipe will eventually come.

The Flywheel and crank pulley may be changed for lighter ones, it frees the engine of some inertia so it'll rev faster. Make sure to buy reliable and good ones, you get what you pay for!

Aaannd, I'm off topic :p You might you to look in the performance section of the forums
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