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Thought I'd drop a quick hello. Longtime ClubxB member that also likes the clean look and gen2 focus here and joined on.

I have a 2008 Special Edtion with Konig Runaways and only 17k miles. My gf has a 2009 Stingray Metallic that I talked her into and after initial reluctance is now head over heels for it. I'm off to get another 08 Special Edtion in a few hours LOL. One for SD and one for LV. I love the huge factory sunroof, and all the space for my guitars and amps in the back. Wish Scion would put a simple back seat pocket on the back of the front seats though. Duh!

Even so I guess I'm a sucker for the 2nd gen! <3
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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