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XB2 17" Sparco Pista Wheels - Sumitomo HTR P01 Tires - SoCal

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I kept the wheels and tires that had only been on it for a few months on my XB after selling it. It was not my DD at the time, so very little miles on them.

Wheels: Sparco Pista 17" x 7 with 45mm offset and tires are Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 225/45/17 - No wear visible on the tires. The rims don't have a a single mark on them and are perfect. No rash, no scratches, nothing.

Chrome lugs included with security spline lugs and key socket as well - But no TPMS sensors included - Sorry

I'm listing them here at the same price they are on craigslist - $950 which of course will sound pretty high to you. But I'm willing to work on the price for my forum friends. Yeah, that's you. Just PM me and we can talk about a deal.

I'm in North County San Diego.

Here are some photos of how they look on the car (they are sitting in my garage now.)

I will also be selling the cross-drilled and slotted rotors with ceramic pads as well as the new condition Clazzio leather.

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they look good, wish i had the cash at the moment =/ goodluck selling em tho
Still available... Thanks
Bump - Still got 'em.
Still, available. I'm looking to sell locally because I've quoted shipping a couple of times and it's crazy expensive. So, pickup in SoCal.

I can also consider parting the wheels from the tires and selling the wheels only. I might be able to use the tires on a different car.
Sparco wheel

Hi There,

I was wondering if you still have the rim avaialble?
^^ Yes I do. I've been so busy I haven't had time to advertise them. Also, because of the fact that I've been considering buying a car that might use the same wheel/tire size I haven't been pushy to sell them.

But if somebody wants them, they are available. I see I got a PM from you. I'll check...
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