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Yakima Roof Rack

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Does anyone use a Yakima rack with the xB? We came from a Jeep Liberty and one of the conditions my wife had was that we had to be able to still carry the canoe on the Scion. So I checked the Yakima site and found that the system would work using the Q Towers, which was sweet since we still had some from our old Jetta. I told her it wasn't a problem, but in my head I have been wondering. So who has used the Yakima on their new xB? Ever carried anything big like a canoe?

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I have a Yakima rack and use mine for carrying 2 bikes. Handles it no problem, all I need is the snowboard mount for the upcoming season :D I have some pics on photobucket but it won't let me login so here's a link to an old pic:
Hmmm... I am looking to get a roof rack for the upcoming snowboard season as well.
What is the price on these?

So, if you get a rack, does that mean you have to get the mount separately?

I've never had roof racks before so I may be asking some stupid questions.

Oh, are they easy to take out and put back in?
I don't remember the pricing for the whole thing but it gets pretty pricey. I went to REI when they had a 25% off sale or something like that. The Yakima kits are pieced together so mounts, cross bars, locks, and your bike/snowboard mounts are all separate. Check out to show a parts breakdown. Install is just adjusting 4 clamps and measuring, removal is just removing the 4 clamps and lifting (someone else to help lift it is very helpful also :cheers:)
That looks sharp I might go that route instead of the perm. ones I was going to get (They are cheeper though)
Thanks for the compliments, yeah i like the styling and versatility of the rack, only dislike I have is cleaning it LOL but I'm anal and take off the rack every 2 months or so to wax underneath the mounts. Otherwise it was well worth it
Dang! That is such a good lookin car - roof rack or no roof rack- i love it!
Sweet! Thanks for all of the responses! So RoundBox, did you connect the rack using Q Towers?
Cherry Garcia said:
Sweet! Thanks for all of the responses! So RoundBox, did you connect the rack using Q Towers?
Yes, here's a list of what I purchased:
Q towers
Q32 clips to fit the xB
58" cross bars
50" fairing for stickers... I mean aerodynamics :p
bike mount
locks so my rack stays on my car
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