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im trying to find the pic of the xb with yoda painted on the rear with the litesaber as the windshielwiper can anyone point me n the rite direction
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Wow. I don't like graphics or airbrushing much, but this is pretty slick!
perfect thanks so much!!!!
Thats a vinyl wrap. Done by a guy in florida. He is actually working on a project for me.
May the Force be with your xB. :yes:
I know el Jorge, he made me a killer signature banner of Darth Maul!!! He has got a sweet ride!!!!
Hmmm, I like that it's just the back door that's wrapped. I wonder how much that costs. I was thinking about a Fables (comic) or Lindy Hop inspired graphic. But that is SLICK!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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