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you have questions and ill have answers

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hey guys I've been part of the site for a bit and as my screen name shows yes I'm a professional detailer,From the basics to advanced highspeed polishing wet sanding headlight restoration and even rim repairs. ..I can always offer my advice ima 15yr veteran in the industry from everyday cars to high end exotics to show cars so feel free to ask for advice I'm not trying to sell anyting so don't take it that way I'm here to offer tips to fellow xb owners (I have a 2012 myself) and help you guys with being able to do it yourself. I feel every car enthusist should want to know how and what to use to diy so feel free and ask ill help you all out :)
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I got a question. I got a white 2012. And I have a problem with those little rust specs all over the car. You know the ones that you see TONS of when you get close. I had a friend of mine take a clay ad and some compound to a small spot to see if it comes off, and it did but it seems like ALOT of work for such a small area. And ideas? Would your $159.99 package take them off?

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