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Your windows freeze shut too?

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Well freezing temperatures are here again in the great Midwest. My driver side window has frozen shut three times in the last two weeks. After running the car for 10 to 20 with heat on of course and slamming the door few times it thaws out and the window opens.
Has anybody had the same problem out there? Do guys have any ideas what I could do to get the moisture out of the molding of window so it won’t freeze shut?
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Deicer and windshield anti- freeze are great tips guys, but the truth of matter is that our doors hold way more moisture than they should. Even in the summer I have washed my car and then two days later unrolled the windows and then rolled up the windows to find to find ton of water on there panes. I really think our doors will rust out from inside out, way sooner than other cars will.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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