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Zipper sound when turning out?

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I have an 09 XB.... Maybe I'm being a bit too paranoid with this sound, but does anyone experience a zipper sound when turning your steering wheel? I would reverse out my driveway and turn my wheel, and when I turn it back it makes that zipper sound. I don't experience the sound when I'm making normal turns on the streets, it's only after I turn my engine on and take off. Thanks!!
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I haven't heard any sounds at all from mine, the only thing I get is from the steering when I 1st start out but that is from the speed controlled steering, but there isn't anything mechanically wrong. Could that be what you are hearing?
Thanks guys, I heard it for the first time yesterday as I was going out of my driveway. My motto is, "If it doesn't stop running and nothing falls off the car, it's fine..."theres no place like home theres no place like home...
Its probably just your tires rubbing on the garage floor when you turn the wheels on a standstill.
Not in my case, I was clean off the driveway and reversing into the street when I heard the noise.
The sound you are hearing is normal. We were discussing steering noise in another thread and I was told that the "VSC does a self check upon startup."
I wasn't concerned about it. I figured if it still ran I was doing good. :D
Chris-ib said:
I wasn't concerned about it. I figured if it still ran I was doing good. :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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